Monetise your website and earn additional revenue by working with PlantMiner to generate equipment hire leads. Leverage Australia’s largest plant and equipment marketplace by adding our widget to your website. Leads will then be sent to our vast selection of vendors to ensure your customers get the best quotes back for equipment hire.

If your website's visitors are people likely to hire plant and equipment in Australia, then you can now earn money by sending their requests to PlantMiner via our widget.

To become an affiliate, email

Why join as an affiliate?

  1. Simple and easy: All you need to do is copy the code and paste it onto your website
  2. Better choices for your visitors: With over 2,500 machinery vendors on PlantMiner, your visitors will receive hire quotes for all enquiries - big and small.
  3. Free to use: PlantMiner is absolutely free to use and hirers can even earn rewards for hiring equipment through the site
  4. Accountable and reliable: We carefully track every lead that comes through PlantMiner, so you can be sure of seeing the leads you send us turn into profit.

To become an affiliate, or get more information, please email

Note. You will need to know how to add HTML to your website to add the widget, if you don't then you will need to contact your webmaster.