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I had plenty with phone calls for the excavator, which was a good thing! I was very happy with the response and the service provided by PlantMiner. I thought I'd have to make heaps of phone calls to source this bit of gear but they all came to me and I got a really good rate. I'll definitely look to use PlantMiner again and even let my subbie know about you guys.
Denmack Developments
I used PlantMiner to locate a Lattice boom which I struggled to find in the Gladstone Area. I am very impressed with the quick turn around and the exceptional customer service who made sure we found the exact item we were searching for. I will definitely be using again.
Joshua Lind
John Holland
Joshua Lind
We have just started offering quotes on PlantMiner as a supplier, and it is a roaring success! It's almost a full-time job preparing proposals for all the entries that come in daily! What a great site!
Sarita Flett
Pronto Hire
Sarita Flett