Why use Plantminer?

  • Save time & money

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    One account managing multiple quote requests

    Most cost-­effective marketing and business development solution

    Dedicated customer support and account management

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Capture leads

Capture leads wherever your business operates. Our suppliers pay an annual subscription package to showcase their services and expand their business network. Your chosen subscription is an unwavering price, whether you win 10 jobs or 100.

We don’t take a cut of the hire contract at any stage, so your hire rates and awarded contract are exclusively yours.

PlantMiner subscription options:


Plant & Equipment Hire

List everything from a portable toilet to 100 tonne excavator, from anywhere in Australia



Demolition, piling, concrete and more! You define the size of the job you can service and we’ll send you the leads


Full Service

List both your plant, equipment and subcontractor services and increase your ability to win more work

What our customers are saying:

Before using PlantMiner, I spent a lot of time writing emails, making phone-calls and vetting quotes from suppliers. I estimate that replacing these processes with the streamlined RFQ portal saves me 10-20 hours per month without eroding the business relationships we’ve built with our suppliers.
Ryan Woodhal - Project Manager
Ryan Woodhal - Project Manager
Plantminer.com.au has proven a time and cost save as a one stop shop for all our plant and equipment hire requirements.
Brett Russell
Brett Russell
I had plenty with phone calls for the excavator, which was a good thing! I was very happy with the response and the service provided by PlantMiner. I thought I'd have to make heaps of phone calls to source this bit of gear but they all came to me and I got a really good rate. I'll definitely look to use PlantMiner again and even let my subbie know about you guys.
Denmack Developments